Our Story

Well lets just get this out of the way right up front, when it comes to photography, I have opinions, and frankly having spent over 38 years of my adult life working in photo related areas I figure I am entitled to them.
This website and blogs are here to inform, educate and perhaps shamelessly drum up some extra business.

I reserve the right to be contrary, hell I can almost guarantee that in many areas I will be.

We, and by that I mean my lovely wife and I, would love you to visit our blogs often and for our part we will keep adding information regularly and when we have something valuable to say. It should be obvious that no one pays me to say anything about any product or tool or process, I earn my living by teaching and shooting...full stop! There will be no fanboy, website traffic driving stuff here on Zero One Imaging.

As you will find in the galleries I am quite eclectic in my Photographic interests, perhaps I am easily bored or just unfocused, but I would rather not just spend my life stuck on a single photographic path. The thought of spending a whole life just shooting pretty portraits or just landscapes fills me with dread, I will never be known as the guy that shoots “x” or “y” so I am unlikely to ever be famous. In any case I owe it to my students to push some boundaries and explore the possibilities so that they may benefit from my expertise.

You are not going to find articles about the latest cameras or lenses, I am not a gear head and only lay down cash on new stuff when I actually need it. Besides other sites like DP Review do that to perfection. You will not be reading about the latest craze in photography fashion or about the latest bit of tricky software.

What you will read about is ideas and concepts, methods and applications of tools that I have fully explored and tested. I don’t believe you improve your photography by becoming a slave to photo fashion or throwing money at it for the latest bit of techno wizardry. I do believe you solve photographic problems with skill, knowledge and proper process and an appreciation of what has come before us in the photographic world. Trust me all the cameras and lenses out there are pretty good, no one has managed to build a really bad camera for many years now!

I believe there are no shortcuts, no free lunches and no magic cures. If you want to be a better photographer you need to learn and apply yourself to the art and practice. Oh and if there are any free lunches you can be quite sure that everyone else is already at the same table with you.

Most importantly I know we need to learn to see, and by that I mean not just learn to see better with your eyes and mind but also to realise that much of what we think we know is either limited or wrong or out of date.

Don’t fret it, wrong is good, I love being wrong, it allows me to learn something new.

So now for the shameless plug, we would love you to come to one of our workshops, or a few, take a moment to have a look at the schedule if you live in my neck of the woods.

We would also love to have one of our works hanging on your walls, so spend a little time in the gallery if you can.