Brad's Photographic Philosophy

Brad Nichol

Most photographers provide a biography of some sort on their web page and I thought about that, but then I thought “I am a teacher and there are thousands of past students out there who are probably more interested in what I think and feel and why I do things the way I do rather than some statements of history.
I would rather build a relationship with those who visit this site and in the interests of doing so I have to give people more than a few facts of history.

So here goes - this is what I believe about photography from the perspective of a teacher of the art.
  • Too much attention is paid to what got shot with what camera rather than why the image was taken- the camera is probably the least important part of the process, so long as it suits the job at hand.

  • Avoiding photographic cliches’ is really, really hard.

  • The best photographs I have created were made in my mind in bed in the wee small hours, long before the shutter was pressed.

  • The whole idea that digital has destroyed photography and the validity of the medium is a “beat up” images have always been manipulated.

  • Film is better than your dreams, its definitely different but for me it is not better.

  • On the other hand, sometimes I like the look of film and some shots on this site were shot on film.

  • The best camera is the one you have with you when a photo opportunity arises.

  • I think that photographs of kids in crazy hats sitting in fruit bowls must be taken by crazy people and purchased by even crazier people.

  • Many serious photographers have a serious addiction to lenses, I had to sell mine to cure the addiction and obtain better compositions.

  • Learning to take better photographs makes us better observers of our world.

  • Pressing the shutter button is not photography its just 1% of the process.

  • One mans great photograph is another’s snap.

  • If I take two really good photographs in a year its been a good year.

  • And......

  • I usually don’t know if a photo is any good until 2 years after I take it.