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Conversation Starter


One often hears of photographers using this or that camera because of its stealth fighter like characteristics ... more

Seen in Vegas


A little while back, following on from our first North American holiday, I posted some thoughts on the Landscape photographs that I came across in galleries as we tripped around. ... more

The Current State of iPhoneography


Last year I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival(LAMFA), which as the name suggests was in LA but was in fact an international event with artists from all over the world exhibiting work. It was I must say a very enjoyable exhibition and I came away impressed and inspired, the ideal outcome. ... more

Pretty Pictures and the USA


For those of us who live in the Great Down Under the US landscape is definitely a revelation, we Aussies live in a land where mountains are small, snowcaps are rare, (and then only in winter), our forests are less dense and the general landscape far more homogenous. ... more

Performance Art


In the professional photography world things are not happy, most photographers find it extremely hard to turn a dollar, the advent of digital imaging has in many ways killed profitable professional photography stone cold dead. Its easy to see why, most people have made the assumption that all one needs to take great family portraits, weddings or indeed satisfy ones business imaging needs is to buy a flash camera. ... more

Denial is Futile


If you follow some of the better known photography forums you will no doubt soon come across a number of people who are almost religiously fervent in their denial of the use of (Electronic Viewfinder) EVFs. These folk really get steamed up and I have witnessed them pour acidic abuse upon others who have had the audacity to suggest that perhaps the EVF might be the viewfinder of the future. ... more

Why a Monchrome Digital Camera Will Never Float My Boat


Clearly one of the most radical and for some the most exciting cameras released in 2012 was the Leica Monochrom.  For years many purist photographers have craved such a device, and there is no doubt the Leica Monochrom is a fine camera with very impressive clarity and stellar high ISO performance. And the icing on the works with that wonderful Leica glass.  Steve Huff loves his and has waxed lyrical about it on numerous times and it clearly suits his needs and obvious monochrome passion.  There are also many others who are entranced by the Monochrom and heck, perhaps if I had unlimited funds I might consider one for some special occasions. But probably not, you see it would not suit my way of working in monochrome, I would find it to be just too limiting.   ... more

iOS 7 A Potential Digicam Killer


I did not for a moment consider that my first iPhone 3GS would be be a replacement for a regular digital camera, I used its camera functions for artistic purposes only.  With each passing upgrade the quality of the images that could be derived from the iPhone significantly improved. Moving from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4 was tremendous in terms of image quality and resolution, iPhone 4S was likewise a considerable improvement in terms of resolution and image quality with those extra 3 megapixels giving a boost out of proportion to what I expected. Stepping from iPhone 4 step to iPhone 5 is far more subtle nonetheless still significant, mainly in the area of fine tonal rendering. ... more

Go Somewhere Else


The web is awash with great landscape photography, but have you noticed that so much of it is of the same locations from the same angles at the same times of the day.  I am guilty too. ... more

Is removing the aliasing filter really such a smart idea?


As both the megapixels counts of cameras and our expectations of acceptable resolution have grown the call has gone out in earnest, "dump the aliasing filter".  I have recently come to the opinion that the dumping of the AA filter would be ill founded and there are far better ways to increase the clarity of your images. ... more

One Giant Polaroid


One of the key questions I pose to my photography students is "why do we take photographs". It usually leads to great discussions where all sorts of reasons are proffered,  commonly the answers centre around ideas such as recording events, serving as memory joggers and story telling.   ... more

Is the 18-55 OSS really so bad?


Years ago after buying my first Canon DSLR complete with the kit lens I came to the realization that you bought the camera and got a free lens thrown in for almost nothing. So long as you didn't expect too much it was a fair deal. That original 18-55mm Canon was indeed a dog of a lens, just fractionally better than the bottom of a beer bottle it was quickly replaced and not used again. Even if its optical quality had been reasonable I could not have persevered with the plastic abomination, the mechanics of the thing had more slop than jelly in the hot sun and defied any attempt at manual focus no matter how careful I was. ... more

Panic in Golden


You would think that as a teacher who regularly preaches that we need to be careful with our memory cards I would not fall foul of silly mistakes that could ensure a total devastating data loss. I have news, despite all my best efforts sometimes I stuff up, I do this just to make you all feel better! ... more

Sometimes Manual is Best


"When would you shoot manual"? It's a question I am often asked in workshops, and my response is usually something along the lines of "very rarely and only if you really know your way around the camera" But here I am going to tell you about how I recently used Manual ( and I mean manual everything ) to more reliably obtain shots on our recent US and Canada holiday. ... more

NEX 5n with Nikon 35-70 zoom


I have had my little NEX 5N marvel now for 5 weeks and amongst other commitments have found enough time to come to grips with its charms and deficits, (which are few indeed) and have reached a point where most of its operation is now very intuitive. ... more

The Ultimate Snapshot Camera


Capturing the decisive moment can be rather more difficult than perhaps we would like and all too often the gear just gets in the way. ... more

18-55 OSS The Tricky Stuff


Some notes on the Nex kit lens that may be of help. ... more

Lens Testing


How I test Lenses ... more

Accidentally Great (4)


Here we have a lovely little snap probably taken by my mother-in-law, Ivy. The little blonde girl is my sister-in-law, Cheryl, who is definitely looking innocent and detached from the other children. The baby in the middle is my wife and the other two boys are her cousins. ... more

At last a video camera that excites me


Over the past couple of years I have looked closely at what is happening in the video realm and you would have to be living in a cave to have missed all the hype about DSLR’s with video capability. ... more

Accidentally Great (3)


Barrow Kids ... more

How much quality to we really need?


The answer for professional work is obviously as much as we can muster, better colour, better resolution and lower noise are always great traits for a professional image and of course we can always make a lower res version or add noise etc. if we need to for final usage reasons. ... more

How users see their cameras


Each year in the classes I run I get to play with virtually all the cameras on the market ranging from the most basic pocket cameras through to high end DSLRs and over the years I have noticed certain themes of experience that users have in relation to their cameras. ... more

Brad's Personal Top 10


When I look at the work that photographers post on their websites I often wonder, which images, when stripped of commercial imperatives, do they really like themselves and why? ... more

Accidentally Great (2)


A Great Group Shot. ... more

Embarrassing Wedding Photos of 2015


Over the last couple of weeks Chris, Wendy and I have been looking at other photographer’s websites, mainly to gauge what the market is up to and try to determine what areas we need to look at for development. And let me tell you there is some utterly beautiful work out there. ... more

Accidentally Great


Over the past couple of months I have been scanning a wealth of old family photos taken by various family members on both sides of our family. Whilst doing this I found a number of images that seem to have taken on a special significance as the years have passed. ... more

Perhaps This Might be the Start of Something Big


Recently Sony announced two new cameras which use APSC sized sensors in very compact bodies. Literally they are no bigger than an advanced compact; in fact the dimensions are near identical to a Canon A640 I own. ... more

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