Equipment & Software Reviews

Below you will find a series of short, informal perspectives on various cameras, other equipment and software.

Samyang 14mm f2.8, A Ripper Lens!


In the past I have not been too keen on really wide angle lenses, ... more

Classic Minolta 28-135mm meets NEX 5n


Those who really know their early AF Minolta glass will be aware that the 28-135mm f4-4.5 is pretty much the ultimate lens of the series, at least as far as zooms go. In fact it is a better lens at most focal lengths than the majority of the equivalent fixies as well  As someone who owns about 20 of the old AF lenses I feel pretty confident in making this claim after rigorously testing virtually all of them. ... more

Sony A900, A DSLR for Photographers


Now the heading for this article might sound a bit odd, aren’t all cameras designed for photographers. In essence yes they are but in practical terms many, indeed I would say most, fall way short of the mark. ... more

Ilford XP2 Super, A Digital Guys Film


Its no secret that I predominantly shoot digital for pretty much most of the stuff I do, but the developer and fixer still runs in my veins so a little film diversion is not a bad thing. Unfortunately due to a severe acquired allergy to photo chemicals my days in the darkroom are over, but there is still some magic in those negs and especially monochrome. ... more

The Fuji F20, A Real Gem


Going back around three years ago Fuji introduced a really neat little compact camera called the F10, which was soon followed by the F11. Now this wasn’t the flashest or best specced compact around but it had one amazing feature, its superb image quality. Somehow Fuji managed to obtain really impressive low noise results, even at high ISO's from a small 6 megapixel sensor and the legend was born. ... more

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