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Mastering Your Kit Lens - Part 2


Some kit lens deficiencies are easily resolved in post and some are just ugly to the core, or is that the iris.  For today we consider the factors that can be sorted post shot.   ... more

Fog Squadron


I took this shot about 36 months ago, in fact it is 3 shots composited. ... more

Coming to Grips with Your Camera


When faced with difficult subjects or lighting, the last thing you need is to be fiddling around in the menu system trying to find the right settings! ... more

Mastering your Kit Lens - Part 1


So your kit lens is rubbish, you know this for a certainty because numerous photo blog sites and test sites have told you so.  ... more

Focus - the alternative approach


One of the main drivers of SLR sales is the shallow DOF effects that are obtainable via the larger format and I well understand the appeal as shallow DOF allows us to better pick out the subject from the background and at the same time draw attention to the subject. ... more

The Eyes Have It


A common misconception by a lot of my students is that an image should be able to created in the camera that needs no post capture editing. Whilst it is true there is a lot we can do at capture to optimize the image there will always, I feel, be a need to either edit the image in the camera or do it later, on the computer. ... more

Depth of Field and Compact Cameras


A constant theme on Photographic Web forums is the issue of what is better for taking photos, compact digital or DSLR? ... more

The Crop Re-evaluated


Those who know me well in the “photographic sense” will attest that I am just a teensy little bit anal retentive about composing images in such a way as to avoid unnecessary cropping. ... more

Permission Granted


A few days back whilst riding along on one of my not regular enough evening bike rides my mind began to wander to things photographic, which is a good thing as it takes the mind off the inevitable pain as hills and personal fitness targets are attacked. ... more

Ask Yourself Why?


Is there one little piece of wisdom I can impart to help you elevate your photographic results, is there something that just might make it a bit easier. ... more

Thoughts of Zero One - The Print is the Thing


When prowling internet forums one constantly comes across all sorts of crazy claims made of the value of cameras based on what guys (and it usually is guys) are seeing at 100% “on screen” views of camera test images. I really can’t be bothered even making comment when on these forums in regards to this but I have to say it really gets under my skin. ... more

It's just a Photo


There is no doubt that digital cameras have put a lot of imaging power in the hands of the masses for very little money and in the main this has to be a good thing, for photography is a great communicator and has an incredible array of uses in the digital age. ... more

In praise of the 50mm Lens


Once upon a pre-digital time pretty much all film cameras came equipped as standard with a well, standard 50mm lens. Progressively as zoom lenses become more common and desired fewer SLR’s came thus packaged, though interestingly there didn’t seem to be any price drop for buying the body alone. ... more

When would you use film in the digital age?


The march of digital technology probably caught more than a few manufacturers of cameras and film products a little by surprise, its not that it wasn’t expected to become the major imaging method, it’s just that most felt it was going to take a lot longer than it did. ... more

You Can't Believe Photography Anymore


The above is a plaintive cry I hear so often from students and people I run into that I’m quite sure if each of them gave me a dollar I would have a really nice nest egg for some indulgent purpose. But is it true? ... more

The Detail Killer for Compacts


Before parting with dollars to have the latest digital camera in pursuit of better image quality consider that for most people there is a great deal you can do to improve on the results you are currently getting. Those desired improvements could be the result of better editing, more precise exposure control, a more considered approach to framing and a whole lot more. ... more

Does the Camera Really Matter and Should You Care


A while back Ken Rockwell wrote this article on his website. You can view this by clicking here.

Frankly it caused quite a stir on Photography Forums and from other Photography Websites. Whilst I don’t agree with everything he said it did strike a chord with many of my own thoughts as a photography teacher and a photographer, and it certainly made some folk who inhabit the Internet very angry. ... more

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